02 November 2006

What to do after being ludicrously successful?

Read the article: The Firefox Kid
Blake Ross helped make Firefox one of the biggest open-source success stories ever. Just wait until you see what he's up to now.

One of the founders and perhaps they should be called visionaries of the Firefox project has revealed what he is working on now. It is that integration of network and personal computer into something more useful, sometimes referred to as the web-based OS.

He is one fo the founders of the Mozilla Firefox project (if you think about it, IE completely dominated and there was noone left to fight), a self-taught programmer, a believer in open-source, and he is only 20 years old. Kind of depressing (if you are older than him) but uplifting (something good for the future). I recommend reading the article which kind of reveals where he is coming from and where he wants to go.

Anyway, the idea he has is called Parakey (no website yet), and it is supposed to be integrated and synchronised storage for offline and online work, as well as sharing information over the Internet. It is supposed to take the headaches for getting content from whatever device and storing that content for use. It wants to be as simple as possible for managing media and allow non-technologically minded people to use those sharing services that are otherwise out of their reach. Then the content would be accessible from the same interface whether you are on your home computer or any other around the world.

It seems like a decent idea providing it can come to fruition, but these things don't always live up to the grand dreams. It's an interesting interview anyway.