17 November 2006

Installing Vista

So Windows Vista was released on MSDN Subscriber Downloads today. I offered to be the Vista guinea pig and install it to make sure everything works before it hits general release.

Two identical computers one I spent all afternoon trying to get to work which could only amount to 4-bit colour 640x480... I tried swapping graphics cards - no luck. The other identical twin computer, pop the disc in and bosh it is installed and looking all Aero-ey. Even swapping the graphics cards between the two computers seems not to have helped. This is a bizarre turn of events, especially as XP seems to have run and installed no problem. It was not a driver problem either since it seems to have installed and understands the cards, but it seems to be an IRQ conflict of some sort, I haven't seen one of them since the old DOS days :D

Also, you still have to use an external source for your RAID drivers. I was hoping that was not still the case. Hopefully, it will all be solved by a clear head on Monday.