01 November 2006

Open-Source wxWidgets IDE - wxDevC++

In a previous post I have mentioned the splendid free IDE Code::Blocks, but in the dark old days of a few years ago, before Microsoft gave stuff away for free and development was quite an expensive endevour, there existed DevC++. It was a free IDE written in Delphi that provided good library management and also was an IDE for GCC in Windows.

Over the years other IDEs have sprung up and essentially overtaken Dev-C++ in terms of features and quality. Then someone decided to make a branch, one that was going to have integrated GUI editing. This project eventually became wxDevC++.

A new version has just been released with even more features from wxWidgets integrated into the GUI editor. Most importantly it now has support for Visual C++ compilers (v6, 2003, and 2005) which is interesting. I need to go and check out this IDE in more detail, but it is good to see it is more than alive and kicking. If you are a wxWidgets developer it is one of the most comprehensive integrated IDEs for developing and looks like it will be going from strength to strength judging from the changelog for this version.

And here is a little screenshot with the GUI editor up from their website: