14 November 2006

User Interfaces - Vector Icons and Toolbars

I'm sitting here wondering if there is anything out there to use vector based graphics to render some icons or toolbars. I've been Googling for something like that out of curiosity - and I seem to have come up dry.

The only one I have found that seems to do what I am expecting is the Juce Library. In fact in most libraries creating and maintaining toolbars and icons is pretty laborious (especially in MFC), so you tend to write your own wrappers for functionality. Myself, I have written code to automatically generate hot and disabled image lists in MFC so only one bitmap needs to be edited (I have also written this code more than once - problems of proprietary code).

I know there is talk that Vista wants everyone to use vector icons (which is a problem for all those people who currently use bitmaps), but there seems to be very little information out there about it.

I realise most people try to write fully featured GUI toolkits, but there must be smaller implementations of specialised functionality out there? Kind of like common building blocks? I suppose one would be a rendering engine using system theming, another being resource management, another rendering those resources...