13 November 2006

More Java

Here are a couple more articles to do with the open-sourcing of Java with a bit more substance. One from InfoQ and another from eWeek.

But that isn't what this post is about. I've discovered an XP look and feel style for Java called WinLAF as it was felt the native look was not sufficient. Reading about Java 6.0 though suggests that a big leap forward for native Windows look and feel is being made for this version called Mustang, also taking into account Windows Vista.

There are a myriad of enhancements for the new version of Java here including lots of alterations for Swing here. It links to all the related bug/enhancement reports. An outline from The Register is also available. The new rendering engine uses the Windows UxTheme DLL.

There is an article with plenty of screenshots of Java 6.0 aesthetics.