20 November 2006

Installing software on Windows Vista

I should be grateful for Vista giving so many headaches - it has given me a mountain of blog-fodder, and has also taught me some stuff I did not realise.

I can say from experience installing software is quite a pain as you have to confirm everything. When you start to run an installer, it locks up your session until you confirm or deny. And it actually requires a secondary click on another confirmation dialog...

I realise they are trying to make Windows more secure with these extra confirmations, but it can actually become counter-productive. Once you have seen a similar looking dialog millions of times with more or less the same text you just click automatically without reading it, simply mentally blanking it out. This is even more dangerous, you could then be confirming anything.

Most installers work fine on Vista though, which is a relief even if you have to confirm everything. If you have an installation created wit Inno Setup, it looks fantastic.

Beware though - anything using Windows Installer runs terribly slow. I guess it must be doing more work somehow. Just be aware installing stuff requires lots of coffee breaks(!)

Fingers crossed the problems can be fixed with a point release of some sort.