06 November 2006

50 With A Bullet

I didn't even realise until just now, 50 posts down and still no idea what I should be concentrating on. Obviously this blog has a real GUI flavour, but I can't help writing about random computer subjects like media PCs and interesting new things.

I still haven't finished my trek through the new world of Vista. Not only the guidelines, but also getting a more in-depth look at the C API headers and getting some documentation together about it.

There are also some GUI toolkits I haven't got round to looking at like the Adobe Open-Source Libraries and SmartWin++. Also, I still feeel like I need to look at lots of the others in more depth. And most importantly I want to get some source code out there rather than just talking about it all the time ;)

Anyway, here is to the next 50 posts.