22 October 2006

Updated Visual Studio 2005 Express and TortoiseSVN Integration

See the update here.

I've made an update to the TortoiseSVN integration for Visual Studio 2005. This is from a comment by Dean about adding a solution to the repository. This has been added to the menu, toolbar, and context menu for solutions.

Unfortunately this update has only been tested on Visual C++ 2005 Express for the moment as this is all I have to hand, but I am pretty sure these settings should also work for Visual Studio full versions (see the link at the end of this post). I'll update the Visual Studio 2005 Pro versions at some point during the week, or discover I don't need to and only maintain one file (which would mean not going grey as fast).

You can read the original article here and see some screenshots as well.

You can download the .vssettings for Visual Studio here.