12 October 2006

AJAX - The Hot New Thang

I can't be the only one. AJAX has taken off, so I took a closer look at it and realised I have essentially been doing AJAX for years. I referred to it as XML and Javascript to render a web page (not using XSLT).

Maybe I've completely missed the point, but the only difference between what AJAX is now (in simplistic terms) and what I did a while back was the way the XML was being retrieved. Admittedly my Javascript was way simpler than these new flashy whizz-bang sites, but the same data/view separation was there. I am pretty sure it was referred to as DHTML (although I think that also encompassed VBScript).

I must admit these Javascript platforms are really impressive, especially as the browser support gets better, like with WYSIWYG editors embedded in webpages which is what I am typing this with. I just realised this post seemed a bit negative, but I think it's all FANTASTIC! (Fast Show fans will know what I am on about)