01 October 2006

First Post

I suppose at the moment I just need an outlet for all these computer-type things going round in my head. I mainly specialise in C++ and was once known (and probably still known) as a GUI specialist. I've done all kinds of random things like setting up a company-wide bug database and migrating a Visual SourceSafe (VSS) "database" to a Subversion repository.

I tend to read loads of programming stuff in my spare time and I think should put my money where my mouth is and provide some source code on the Internet that may be of use to someone. On numerous occasions in my programming career I have encountered bits and pieces that even Google couldn't rescue me from, and I know for a fact MSDN help is a chocolate teapot. I like it when the building blocks are out there and it gives you just enough to build your own solution.

So in the future if you are interested, you can look forward to ramblings on C++, Open Source libraries that I encounter, MFC, Win32, user interface design, Open Source programs that make life easier, STL library, Boost library, template metaprogramming, code design, Python, and more.

Thanks for listening, now it is time to get some real content...

Garry Bodsworth