03 October 2006

Subversion : TortoiseSVN Integration into Visual Studio.NET 2005 Again

Today I discovered the "Import and Export Settings" feature in Visual Studio.NET 2005. This means no more losing settings or having to mess around getting the environment set up again after a rogue installer blitzes all of the settings I had worked so hard to set up.

What this means is that later today I will post up a link to a file which will customise Visual Studio.NET 2003 for embedding TortoiseSVN. You'll have icons, toolbars, new menus, and additions to the context menus. You'll end up with some of my other settings like removing all Visual SourceSafe source control commands, and other things I find annoying. But you will easily use this as a base setting and add your own bits and pieces to it.

Garry Bodsworth

Edit: See my next post for links to the settings files and screenshots of teh integration.