07 October 2006

Open Source GUI toolkits

One of the things I really want to check out over the next few weeks are open-source GUI toolkits. There are quite a few to choose from and I tend to jump from camp-to-camp on a weekly basis as to which one I find the most interesting.

Since I am using Visual C++ 2005 Express, the ones I try out fully will be tested and compiled (if indeed a successful compilation is possible) on that platform.

The initial ones I have already had a good go at over the past few weeks are wxWidgets, Visual Component Framework (VCF), and Win32GUI Generics. Some others I have been reading about are Smartwin++, Ultimate++, FLTK, and FOX.

Also I want to write up a bit more of a comprehensive howto on Boost Python, as I quite enjoyed playing around with that.