10 May 2007

SPA Cambridge Meeting - CMMI

Went to another talk from the BCS SPA Cambridge group. There is a talk every month and they are normally well worth attending, there is certainly nothing else I have found like it elsewhere. As usual they are hosted at Microsoft Research, Cambridge with a buffet.

This month's talk was about CMMI hosted by Kieran Doyle of Lamri. I must admit I had no idea what CMMI was before going to this talk, only what it was an acronym for. For the first half of the talk I had no idea what was going on as it covered the history of it, and did not explain what it actually was.

Eventually we got onto the nitty gritty of this thing was. I'd have to see what the benefits were in reality but the premise of itself is admirable, especially in a larger corporation. Overall, I actually learnt something that is a plus, and also the at the talk we got free 512Mb USB keys - not half bad.

Anyone interested in computing in the Cambridge area should check out these talks.