17 May 2007

PTC Acquires NC Graphics

Part of the reason blogging has been so light in recent months is that work has been taking up more time than usual. Now at least it is official.

The company I work for, NC Graphics has been acquired by PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). You can see the press release here and some additional information is available here.

Obviously it is all only of interest if you know me, but at least it will explain what I am doing when I change my blog summary. Fingers crossed it will be a good move. This has all been very tightly kept under wraps so it probably surprises quite a few people. It has been surprising that noone in this entire period has asked me about it since CAM really is quite a small industry.

And on a related note - Julian Todd and Martin Dunschen are ex-NC Graphics employees with a CAM blog linked to on the side panel to your right.