26 May 2007

Boostcon 2007 Presentations

Boostcon 2007 (the conference about the splendid C++ library Boost) happened on the 14th-18th May 2007.

I've been keeping an eye out for any papers/presentations that will be made public from it. Fingers crossed someone will sort out the general public with copies of all the presentations and notes.

Good news though since on the Adobe ASL Wiki, Sean Parent one of the dead clever guys at Adobe has posted his presentations. One of which is the keynote address.

The first one, the keynote, is about the possible future of software development - concentrating mainly on generic programming and how we can use it to reduce errors. You can download it here.

The second is about the Boost Poly library. You can download this here. This is also by Sean Parent.

On a related note I will hopefully be doing some in-depth posts about the Adobe ASL soon as I am finding it very interesting going through the documentation.