18 May 2007

Boost 1.34 Released

The latest version of the Boost Library has been released. This is version 1.34 and you can read the changes on the Boost frontpage.

Boost is a fantastic peer reviewed library collection for C++. It adds power and robustness for C++ programmers, after all we shouldn't need to reinvent the wheel all of the time.

There are five new libraries:
* Foreach Library:
BOOST_FOREACH macro for easily iterating over the elements of a
sequence, from Eric Niebler.
* Statechart Library:
Arbitrarily complex finite state machines can be implemented in
easily readable and maintainable C++ code, from Andreas Huber.
* TR1 Library:
An implementation of the C++ Technical Report on Standard Library
Extensions, from John Maddock.
This library does not itself implement the TR1 components, rather
it's a thin wrapper that will include your standard library's TR1
implementation (if it has one), otherwise it will include the Boost
Library equivalents, and import them into namespace std::tr1. Highlights
include: Reference Wrappers, Smart Pointers, result_of,
Function Object Binders, Polymorphic function wrappers, Type Traits,
Random Number Generators and Distributions, Tuples, Fixed Size Array,
Hash Function Objects, Regular Expressions and
Complex Number Additional Algorithms.
* Typeof Library:
Typeof operator emulation, from Arkadiy Vertleyb and Peder Holt.
* Xpressive Library:
Regular expressions that can be written as strings or as expression
templates, and that can refer to each other and themselves recursively
with the power of context-free grammars, from Eric Niebler.

Obviously lots of the other libraries have been updated like Boost::Python.