24 May 2007

Programming Resources

This post is just going to be a collection of links to interesting resources and papers on programming, mostly to do with C++.

First up some interesting papers on programming in gerneral. Notes on Foundations of Programming by Alex Stepanov and Mat Marcus - you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Next up there is the papers of Andrei Alexandrescu the template and modern C++ specialist. He also started the Loki library as a by-product of his books which is a collection of C++ classes for useful things.

Cheatsheets and reference is a collection of useful links for web programmers (there are some other more general programming links like Python and C++).

For the beginners out there here is a link to a C++ tutorial which is quite well presented.

A good resource for peer-reviewed C++ articles is the C++ Source although there isn't a massive amount of recent content.