30 January 2008

Useful Free Mac Applications

I'm tight, if there is a free tool to do something I will find it. It is a bit harder work to find those applications when you use a Mac, but I have over my time using my Macbook Pro found plenty of stuff to help me get full use out of my computer. So I thought I would share them:
  • Adium - Instant messaging with the GAIM base.
  • AppFresh - Make sure that installed programs are up to date.
  • Audacity - Edit audio files (I used it to make iPhone ringtones).
  • Bean - Simple and easy to use document editing.
  • Chamonix - A CHM reader for OSX.
  • Cocopad - A simple scribbler application.
  • CoRD - Connect to other computers using the MS remote desktop protocol.
  • Docker - Lots of settings for the dock on Leopard.
  • Eclipse - The ubiquitous platform for IDEs.
  • Firefox - Because I love the plug-ins. I'll doa post about them another time to geta more integrated Firefox (could be moot with v3.0).
  • Google Earth - Because i wanted to see old maps wrapped around the globe.
  • Google Notifier - Keep an eye on your Google inbox.
  • Gridwars - Free game allegedly like Geometry Wars.
  • Handbrake - Rip movies to your desired format.
  • Inkscape - Vector drawing.
  • MacPorts - Package manager for thousands of open-source programs. I have mentioned this before.
  • MacTheRipper - DVD ripping.
  • Max - CD ripping software.
  • NeoOffice - OpenOffice integrated Aqua style.
  • Onyx - More settings for your Mac!
  • Perian - Loads of codecs for OSX.
  • Pixen - Simple art package.
  • Porticus - Great Cocoa front-end for MacPorts.
  • Senuti - Get music from your iPod back to your computer.
  • SvnX - Graphical front-end for Subversion.
  • scplugin - TortoiseSVN style integration for the Mac.
  • TinkerTool - More settings for the Mac.
  • VLC - Great open-source video player.
I tend to prefer open-source to free in most instances, and MacPorts (with Porticus) gives so much that it deserves more than a one line description... oh well ;)