21 June 2007

Random Bits Of News

The latest version of the Bullet physics SDK has been released. Version 2.3 contains C++ and C# versions (witht he C# version being available also for the X-Box 360 devkit). It now has a unified multithreaded implementation and a variety of bugfixes.

In related news GImpact which uses the Bullet Physics library internally for solving collision detection has just released a new version. Version 0.2.0 is more object-oriented andlots of additionals for triangle meshes and different types of collisions.

Trolltech released Qt 4.3. It contains additional Vista extensions, a new scripting engine, an OpenGL engine, and more SVG functionality.

There is a new Digg-style game development site available. Go see DevBump here.

And for something non-news there is a spiffing Cocoa tutorial from Apple here.

And on a final note there is a voice of desperation from Microsoft on Windows Vista.