11 January 2007

Vista Craplets

Nope, this isn't a post moaning about Vista...

A senior Microsoft Corp executive is worried items he terms as "craplets" could damage the perception of Microsoft Vista. These things he is referring to are the "added value" programs that OEMs add to their specific version of the operating system above and beyond what Microsoft supply. These are the programs like DVD writers and other icons cluttering your new computer's desktop that are unnecessary and usually completely rubbish and destructive.

You can read the article here.

It's good to see someone might improve the situation as I spent some of yesterday on a new computer just do uninstalls of tens of programs on a brand new Dell. These programs were not needed and basically served as adverts. Also you have to remove the links to various ISPs and the suchlike that you would never switch to.

I don't think this will fix the situation though and perhaps just make the problems more uniform, or they are the same problems with a stamp of approval from Microsoft. If possible you should always try to get hold of a Windows disc that is Microsoft vanilla and use that for reinstalls. But beware - you must get the right one for your registration key as there are two types of disc - the OEM and the commercial - and the keys are not interchangeable. I found this out when finishing a reinstall it would not accept a key as it was an OEM key and it wanted a shop bought one.