22 January 2007


I'm depressed as today, I had an extended demo of a MacBook Pro. One of the guys at work has just bought one, and now I want one...

It is astonishing simply how good OSX is. During the demo I saw how much it works like the way I want to use a computer. When people who have used it say how good it is they are not exaggerating and don't have an axe to grind, they just have a computer that makes their life easier.

The thing I noticed most about it is that MDI is alive and well. It's not like the Windows MDI where the application encapsulates the sub projects, the operating system in OSX does the heavy lifting. With this it also makes it much more structured and intuitive. I can imagine working with loads of Photoshop documents and text documents at once and it all being being intuitive. It is possible to see all the documents open at once with a zooming out style view, and it is also possible to see all the documents for a particular application. It may not look as 3D

Programs start very quickly and stay memory resident for fast access if necessary. It is always clear what is going on and the user interface does is always responsive.

All of this and I haven't mentioned how good it looks. It has lots of great touches in the UI but none of them take over or clutter the display. Screenshots dn't do it justice - you simply have to see it in the flesh.

One great bit of software for OSX is NeoOffice which is OpenOffice in Mac clothing. It integrates really well into the way OSX works. All developers involved deserve kudos for making OpenOffice into NeoOffice which I think is actually an improvement.

One bit I wanted to see was X-Code for OSX development since I had heard so much about it. Unfortunately it is not installed by default.

Now I have to go off and save lots of money.