12 December 2006

OpenOffice.org 2.1 Released

The latest version of OpenOffice.org has been released. This is now version 2.1 with a host of new features. You can see all the release notes here.

The main thrust of this version is to help push the extension technologies (which originally appeared in 2.0.4). They are trying to encourage the same level of extensions as with Firefox, whether this succeeds or not only time will tell.

I've used OpenOffice.org since the betas of version 2 and it has always been solid and consistent, and I never fell into the trap I did with Microsoft Office where page formatting could change randomly. The features of OpenOffice are more than adequate for all the uses that I have had for it (and it has meant that I don't have to buy an MS Office licence). I've used it for generating PDFs for printing magazines and it does the job fantastically.