06 December 2006

GUI Toolkits - MFC to Qt Migration

I haven't got round to actively trying out Qt yet, although I have heard more or less universally good stuff about it (if you discount the meta-object compiler which is simply a matter of taste, oh yeah, and the price, but we all want something for nothing...). One day I will find the time to try it out.

Qt is the premier cross-platform GUI toolkit. It has its foibles, but I'll leave that for when I review it.

One of the areas on their website details the migration to Qt from MFC. They actually provide lots of information about how to go about this process.

The main link is here - The Qt/MFC Migration Framework. The Walkthrough is the most practical application of the knowledge. The Q&A also provides interesting tidbits.

Honestly, there is no way to tell how successful this is without speaking to someone who has ported a moderately large and mature app from MFC to Qt, but it is interesting to see someone does provide some kind of migration path (if that is the way you want to go).