13 June 2013

Joining Microsoft

This is a weird thing I never thought I would write in my career, but I'm joining Microsoft.  There is a new games studio called Lift London and I knew someone working there.  So my CV (well, Stack Overflow Careers profile) winged its way to their desks, and before I knew it I decided to join them.  It helps everyone I spoke to was impressive, sincere, humble and have the same hunger for learning and doing things right.

Then the paperwork started to come through for me to sign, and it suddenly dawned on me I was joining Microsoft(!)  The logos were a dead giveaway.  This is extremely weird for me because although my work at Bromium was predominantly Windows I spent a long time working on Linux (and Mac OSX in some shape or form).  I also totally believe in open-source because whenever I can I tried to make sure (things I felt were) important were properly released.  Github makes that easy.  So you could argue I'm not a natural fit for Microsoft.

I have faith after meeting my interviewees at Lift London that those things I read about working at Microsoft will not be an issue.  It's a very exciting game studio in a very exciting place doing special things within the Microsoft portfolio (going places that will be controversial).  I never did work for appraisals, ladder-climbing, etc.  I did it to learn more, to improve, and to most importantly help others and the team to achieve.  Nothing satisfies more than exceeding a customer's expectations and delivering work on time.

24th June I will begin my brutal commute to London to start a new and exciting adventure.  My role will be on server-side tech, and with a security remit.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.  If you're interested in working for a game company trying new things contact me through Twitter @garrybodsworth or email or check out the vacancies here.