05 March 2013

Creator Owned Day - Science Park - The Comic!

Creator Owned Day was started by Stephen Downey here and its primary purpose is for creators to start new ideas and not simply dream of working on corporate owned comics.  You can follow it by on Twitter @CreatorOwnedDay or the hashtag #CreatorOwnedDay.  Also check out the great list of creator owned comics here.

Since I am off work I decided to participate this year, which is great synchronicity otherwise I'd never get around to drawing again.  And for some reason rather than just creating a character I went the whole "high concept" route, nothing like over-stretching.  Seems I have finished more or less by lunch time.

So here it is....

Science Park


A technology park just outside Cambridge located in a hollowed out mountain and deep towards the Earth's crust.  Rental rates are pretty good and there are a wide choice of office sizes.  The park is privately funded by The L Corporation and their mysterious CEO who lives and works in the penthouse suite at the top of the mountain.

Tenants include:

Immutable Corporation
Motto: We've Always Been Here
Employees: 4000
Specialities: Computer equipment
CEO: Dr Monolith

Motto: Recreating The Past
Employees: 10,000
Specialities: Bio-tech
CEO: Mr Silence PhD (please contact his PA Mr D Lackey)

Rival Science Parks:

Giant Robo Science Park
Advantages: Mobile
Disadvantages: Mobile, you might lose your office.
Giant Robo Science Park is the latest state of the art giant robot with an attitude problem.  Loaded with weaponry enjoys spending its days blowing holes in the hollowed out mountain.

Ignore the giant hands, I'm sure that it is just a cloud formation.

Why Did I Do This?

This is always a case of stick to what you know, and my intention was to do something based aroud the technology industry.  Judging from what I have created it is not necessarily based on real-life, and the irony of a mountain in Cambridgeshire is extreme.  I apologise for the Kirby-isms, the dinosaur was not supposed to look that Kirby-like, I promise I have never read Devil Dinosaur (something I do plan to rectify).  The giant robot is also my way of shoehorning my addiction to Transformers in there.

What do I want to do next?  I hope I can find the time to work on this as it has given me focus for ideas.