21 June 2012

Bromium - Out Of Stealth

Yesterday Bromium (the company, not what the product will be) came out of stealth mode.  This was a very exciting time around the office because we can give a bit more context on what we've been secretly working away on.

During the proceeding months before this release of information a huge amount of work was going on behind the scenes briefing analysts and news outlets by our top team of Gaurav, Simon, Ian, Tal, and many more.  The avalanche of coverage actually happened to have been prepared a while in advance.

You can see Simon Crosby's presentation "Secure Everything" from GigaOM Structure here and also the Q&A interview afterwards here.  This lays the groundwork for the approach to security that we have pursued at Bromium.  The new website also went live with a couple of videos explaining what we are building.  Lots of new terminology like Microvisors.

A few good articles about Bromium are on Wired and also BloombergBusinessWeek.  The Register has an excellent piece here.

In the meantime I'm going to be plugging away writing code as we hurtle towards our next announcements that will reveal the actual product!