23 August 2011


It's aliiiiiive!

After a few years of hosting my own blog on http://programmerslog.com I have come back to Blogger.  This unfortunately was caused by losing the domain which is pretty sad....  I have a back up of the few hundred blog posts in a SQL dump but I doubt I will find the energy to extract them(!)

What will be on this blog now?  Any projects I publish on Github, lots of Python, Linux, coding, and probably my random artistic scribblings.

I must say Blogger is looking rather swish nowadays, part of the reason to use Wordpress was for the features, but now I can do pretty much what I want here.  Also I don't have to worry about renewing my domain subscriptions or doing software updates...

I've reconfigured all my feeds to point to this blog since it is the only active one.

Now I just have to actually write some content...