21 May 2008

Web Development - Pylons

I was reading some information about Ruby On Rails and watching a few of the screencasts and I was really impressed about how fast you can create a database-backed website. One of the good blogs about it is A Fresh Cup where a Microsoft refugee embarks on a career in Rails development. It pointed to a very interesting article Ruby’s Not Ready whcih compares Ruby to Python.

Through that article I discovered Pyhton has its own "On-Rails" equivalent Pylons for rapid website development. Since Python resources out there are so numerous this would be a very interesting platform to build on. I guess that also means for enterprising C++ developers using Boost.Python they could have some interesting performance improvements.

For the most part Pylons seems about as productive as Rails, as outlined in the tutorial for making a quick blog.

It's pretty easy to try this stuff out on a Mac if you have MacPorts installed (and Porticus to make it extra nice).