10 April 2008

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Released

Good news for Windows C++ developers the update to Visual Studio 2008 has been released. This "Feature Pack" contains some of the new TR1 C++ standard library as well as a major MFC update.

Details from the Visual C++ Team Weblog can be found here with some videos and links.

TR1 Update

The TR1 update is an integration of some more Dinkumware library functionality. The features available are:
* array - Defines the container template class array and several supporting templates.
* functional - Defines several templates that help construct function objects, which are objects of a type that defines operator(). A function object can be a function pointer, but more typically, the object is used to store additional information that can be accessed during a function call.
* memory - Defines a class, an operator, and several templates that help allocate and free objects.
* random - Defines many random number generators.
* regex - Defines a template class to parse regular expressions, and several template classes and functions to search text for matches to a regular expression object.
* tuple - Defines a template tuple Class whose instances hold objects of varying types.
* type_traits - Defines templates that provide compile-time constants that give information about the properties of their type arguments.
* unordered_map - Defines the container template classes unordered_map and unordered_multimap and their supporting templates.
* unordered_set - Defines the container template classes unordered_multiset and unordered_set and their supporting templates.
* utility - Defines several general templates that can be used throughout the Standard Template Library.

MFC Update

The MFC Update integrates BCGSoft's libraries into the base MFC and provides masses of useful user interface constructs for native developers. Details from the Visual C++ Weblog is here.

Some of the new features are:
* Office 2007 Ribbon Bar: Ribbon, Pearl, Quick Access Toolbar, Status Bar, etc.
* Office 2003 and XP look: Office-style toolbars and menus, Outlook-style shortcut bar, print preview, live font picker, color picker, etc.
* Visual Studio look: sophisticated docking functionality, auto hide windows, property grids, MDI tabs, tab groups, etc.
* Internet Explorer look: Rebars and task panes.
* Vista theme support.
* “On the fly” menus and toolbar customization: users can customize the running application through live drag and drop of menu items and toolbar buttons.
* Shell management classes: use these classes to enumerate folders, drives and items, browse for folders and more.

You can download all this from here.