31 March 2008

DisplayLink for Mac OSX

Something work related for a change... As you can see from my profile I work for DisplayLink where we make USB display technology. Most people can't believe that it will be very good, but whenever anyone sees one of our docks or adapters in action are impressed by the quality and the ease of use.

Here at DisplayLink we have just released the Beta version of our Mac OSX software. This means you can now use our USB displays on Mac - which I imagine could be very nice for the MacBook Air if the monitor has an integrated USB hub.

You can get the Beta drivers here. The general download page is here. The Mac team have done a great job on this and it looks very impressive when you see it going. As it is a beta it is not perfect, but it is very functional and robust.

I've installed it on my MacBook Pro now, but I forgot to bring anything home to actually test it - duh!