13 December 2007

STLPort Visual Studio 2005 Visualisers - autoexp.dat

Thanks to a comment on one of the posts about autoexp.dat and STLPort where I did a bit of a ham-fisted attempt at creating visualisers for STL containers in the Visual Studio 2005 debugger, I have been informed that there is a much better (and more comprehensive) version than my hack.

Now as part of the upcoming version 5.2 of STLPort there is a comprehensive and well written set of visualisers. This means debugging is now on parity with the in-built Microsoft containers. The version linked to in this post is for 5.2 but does work well with 5.1.

You can get the autoexp.dat edits here. It points to the Subversion repository head version. Since it will be part of the distribution it should be maintained and provides another excellent reason for using it (as well as the performance).

If anyone is using my hack then please use this version from the good people at STLPort - it is much better!

I suppose now it would be nice to have something similar for Boost...