08 November 2007

GUI Toolkits - MFC v9 - Visual Studio 2008 - An Update

I blogged a while back about the secret MFC features for VS2008 (MFC v9) here. The information was going to appear at Microsoft Technet Europe 2007in a talk by Ale Contenti.

Well, I think the talk must have now happened as there are a few posts out here on the Internet about it.

You can read one here and another translated here.

It amounts to lots of good stuff for native C++ developers on Windows:
* Docking windows
* Tabbed MDI
* Office 2007 theme
* Ribbon interface (no visual designer yet though)
* Lots of new controls
* Skins
* Vista specific enhancements
* And plenty more...

I actually can't wait to get my hands on this and have a play, unfortunately we do have to wait until next month for a release candidate as it will be an add-on. The interesting thing is the visual styles manager which will allow switching visual styles at runtime.

Apparently there will be a Channel 9 video soon that should appear here.