01 October 2007

One Year Old

It's hard to believe this blog has been going for one year as of today. I can't believe I actually remembered this since I never managed to spot my 100th or 200th post.

It has been quite a year really. NC Graphics were taken over by PTC meaning I am now with a third employer working on the same codebase (in four separate stints).

Certainly the most popular items on the blog have been the TortoiseSVN and Visual Studio integration and recently the STLPort debugging in Visual Studio. Thanks to all the readers and all the comments.

I would promise something for the next year or some manifesto, but if it is as action packed as the previous year I somehow doubt I will live up to it. All I can promise is if I learn anything interesting about computers I will share it with the rest of the Internet.

Normal service will now resume.