18 July 2007

Life Without Internet

Argh! The web has been down at work for over 24 hours. I now realise it is 100% essential for my job. Google has replaced a certain portion of my brain.... I can't answer any questions without it (okay, a slight exaggeration).

One tool I have now found indispensable now is del.icio.us. Up until recently I have used the Google Browser Sync for using my bookmarks at multiple locations. The problem I found is I am very selective about what I bookmark as current bookmarking UIs available in IE and FireFox do not scale very well. Then I get in the situation I haven' bookmarked something and I spend ages on Google tryin to find it again.

I decided to move to del.ico.us as there was a new tool for Firefox which replaces the bookmarking system in Firefox, so now I use it exclusively tagging webpages at will. Obviously the number of bookmarks I have is increasing rapidly especially since I can even tag individual articles.

As you can see on the sidebar you can see what I am currently bookmarking and what I have bookmarked. I have also added the ability to bookmark individual articles quickly if you want. I tend to find most web technologies a bit hollow (MySpace Facebook and the suchlike) but this is a tool that reallyhelps make the web a better place, and all users of the system are sharing what they know with their bookmarks.