13 April 2007

Visual C++ Orcas Feature Specifications

The next version of Visual Studio is looming over the horizon now. Appearing on one of the Microsoft blogs are the changes being lined up for Visual C++ and MFC.

You can see the post here.

The standards conformance looks to have some more improvements, which is always welcome.

There is a speed up to the builds by utilising multi-processor computers to build as many object files concurrently as possible. Should be very useful for people with massive projects, unfortunately not for people who work with lots of libraries that can already build concurrently at the project level.

The MFC improvements are also welcome since they transparently give more Vista compatibility and features. More details about the MFC updates for Vista common controls can be read here.

There are a lot of CLR updates but that doesn't vaguely interest me. Luckily there looks to be enough improvements in vanilla C++ to keep people happy. Plus I haven't worked my way through all the features and quirks in VS2005!